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How Many Smoke Alarms Do I Need?

Every year, nearly 3,500 Americans die each year in fires and approximately 18,300 are injured. Every home needs several smoke alarms to avoid needing a burn injuries attorney in Baton Rouge. A good rule is to change the batteries when you set your clocks back. The U.S Fire Administration Division of FEMA offers the following safety guidelines… Read More »

What Kinds of Accidents Occur on Drilling Rigs?

You see huge oil drilling rigs out in the ocean and wonder how slippery the platforms are with all the oil around. With so much oil-based mud on the rig floor, drilling rig accidents in Louisiana are common. While it may seem impossible to keep the work area clean, using safety precautions can help eliminate… Read More »

Do I Have to Comply with an Auto Recall?

You hear of cars being recalled all the time because of safety defects or parts defects, and you may even receive a letter in the mail from the car manufacturer with a coupon for free service if you take your car in to get the defect repaired. Accidents caused by defective auto parts in Louisiana… Read More »

How Can I Protect Myself in a Motorcycle Accident?

The freedom of the open road is a big draw to motorcycle riders. However, our legal team sees cases all the time where a rider is thrown from the bike and suffers serious injuries. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) tracks statistics of motorcycle accidents and revealed in a recent report that 82,000 motorcycle riders are… Read More »

What Distracted Driving Habits Must Truckers Avoid?

You know that texting and talking on the phone are the most reported distracted driving habits in which motor vehicle drivers engage. Experienced trucking accident lawyers know that truck drivers have other distracted driving habits that go along with driving the big rigs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites in-vehicle distractions as “epidemic” in… Read More »

Most Common Construction Accident Injuries

If you ever stopped and watched a construction site for a few moments, you can see it’s a very busy place with a lot happening at once. Louisiana construction accident lawyers know that on any site with multiple workers there is a potential for injury. In order to reduce the risk of injury while working… Read More »

What are Wrongful Death Damages?

A wrongful death is a devastating blow to a family. Along with the emotional devastation comes a financial burden for medical bills and loss of the decedent’s salary. Wrongful death lawyers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana understand nothing will replace the deceased member of the family and that the surviving family members should be compensated for… Read More »

How to Prevent Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents make national headlines and can be devastating to communities.  They can be caused by negligence on the part of the company or incompetence by personnel, and for that, you would need a Baton Rouge industrial accident attorney. When industrial accidents occur, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration investigates whether or not workplace safety guidelines… Read More »

What are the Signs and Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Blows to the head can become serious medical issues, and you may not always believe you have a brain injury if you feel fine. Some effects are mild and last only a few seconds, and people wait too long to consult a doctor or a brain injury lawyer in Louisiana. It’s important to understand the… Read More »

How Can I Stay Safe While Riding a Bicycle?

Bicycling is wonderful way to get around. The fresh air, sunshine and natural exercise cycling offers makes it a popular mode of transportation. Bicycle accident lawyers in Baton Rouge know that an estimated 73 to 85 million Americans ride bikes for pleasure as well as for professional sports and every rider, no matter why they… Read More »