East Baton Rouge Car Accidents Attorneys

Auto Accident: Back Injury — $500,000

Our client suffered a back injury in an auto accident where the other party’s insurance company agreed that its driver was at fault. He was a working supervisor of a construction crew that worked in industrial plants.

Our client received non-surgical care for his back from the time of the accident to the time of trial. His treating doctor documented his permanent back injury, but did not recommend surgery.

Due to his economic circumstances and the good fortune of having an understanding employer, our client continued working from shortly after the accident until trial.

The defense was simply that without the need for surgery and having continued to work, our client did not have a serious injury.

Through the testimony of co-workers and an economist, it was established that our client was working in sheltered employment. Our client had the good fortune to be working for a sympathetic employer who was appreciative of the service he had given and the kind of man he was, even though he was unable to perform all of his job duties. Our argument to the jury was that sheltered employment could not be counted on in the future. The jury awarded $500,000 to our client principally for the permanent impairment of his ability to compete in the open job market for the kinds of jobs for which he had qualified himself by experience and training.