Proven Baton Rouge Lawyers Pursue Compensation for Injury Victims

Louisiana attorneys obtain substantial judgments and settlements

A personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence creates several different types of stress. The combination of physical damage and financial hardship can be overwhelming. During this turbulent period, protecting your legal right to compensation requires the assistance of a proven litigator. At Marks & Lear PLC in Baton Rouge, we have a long track record of success, securing substantial verdicts and settlements for Louisiana clients since 1978. Whether you have been hurt in a vehicle accident, a fall or some other type of incident, our attorneys will work diligently to obtain payment for medical costs, lost wages and other available damages.

Accomplished law firm handles a full range of negligence claims

Regardless of the specific incident involved, our firm has the knowledge and background to deliver the strongest argument possible for the following injury scenarios:

  • Auto accidents — In cases arising from car accidents and other vehicle crashes, we handle insurance matters and litigations against faulty drivers.
  • Products liability — Our products liability attorneys take on large and small companies when dangerous items trigger injuries and fatalities.
  • Dog bites — Louisiana has a strict liability rule for harmful dog bites, so an owner is liable for the harm done by their pet even if they had no reason to believe an attack would occur.
  • Premises liability — If you fall on an unsafe surface or suffer some other type of harm because a property owner failed to maintain safe premises, we will work to hold them accountable. Even if you are partly at fault for the injury, you still can be awarded damages.
  • Medical malpractice — We represent patients who have been victimized by doctors and other healthcare providers who failed to meet professional standards of care.

From your free initial consultation through the conclusion of your case, we will give you the exceptional advocacy and service that you deserve. In most injury cases, the statute of limitations runs for just one year following the incident, so prompt action is necessary to protect your rights.

Skilled advocates use expert testimony to build the strongest possible case

When you or someone close to you has been hurt or killed due to another person’s carelessness or intentional misconduct, it takes a comprehensive effort to maximize your financial recovery. Our firm has the resources to litigate cases involving:

  • Severe injuries — For the severely injured left with a disability, valuing damages usually requires the testimony of treating doctors, a vocational rehabilitation expert to show that the physical disability destroyed the ability to earn a living, and an economist to compute the value of a lifetime of lost earnings or lessened earning ability.
  • Catastrophic injuries — For the catastrophically injured, including paralysis, massive burn injuries or electrocution, we engage expert life-care planners to coordinate and present every aspect of lifetime costs, including construction of an accommodating home environment, rehabilitation and lifetime medical care. And we use a professionally and sensitively producedDay-in-the-Life movie, narrated by healthcare providers and family members, to portray the consequences of catastrophic injury.
  • Wrongful death — For wrongful death, loss of consortium is the primary focus. The attorney must recreate through witnesses, family pictures and mementos the importance of the loss — both financial and emotional — for remaining family members.

We never forget the impact that an injury or death has on the people we serve. That is why we create a customized strategy for each matter and work tirelessly until your case is resolved.

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