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Burn injuries are painful and require expensive medical care as well as missed work. Burn victims often suffer emotional distress as well. Dealing with the physical and emotional effects of burn accidents is enough without adding troubling financial matters. For this reason, the Baton Rouge lawyers of Marks and Lear PLC assist burn victims in recovering compensation for their harm through personal injury litigation against negligent parties and their insurers.

Burn injuries are a common result of accidents

Burn injuries are a common occurrence in the home, in traffic accidents and in industrial, maritime and other dangerous occupations:

  • There are 450,000 burns that receive medical treatment in an emergency room, clinic, urgent care or physician’s office in the United States each year.
  • There are 3,500 burn deaths from fire each year that result from residential fires, vehicle crashes, plane crashes, and contact with electricity, chemicals or hot liquids.
  • There are 45,000 hospitalizations for burns each year.

Types of burn injuries

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we help the injured and families who have lost a loved one because of burn injuries caused by drivers, certain maritime or industrial employers or subcontractors, manufacturers and others. There are many types of serious burn injuries that may result from the negligence of others:

  • Flash burns caused by explosions of flammable liquids
  • Flame burns, including property fires, flammable liquid fires, automobile accidents and ignited clothing from defective products
  • Scalds from burns caused by hot liquids
  • Contact burns from hot metals, plastics, glass or coals
  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical burns

Experience matters when recovering the costs of burn injuries

Burn injuries range from first degree burns, which only damage the top layer of skin, to more serious burns, which can cause swelling, blistering and scarring. The most serious, fourth degree burn injuries, can cause shock, damage to muscle and bone or even death.

Serious burns may need treatment for infections, skin grafts or hospitalization in specialized burn centers. In addition to the doctors who treat them, burn victims may need the help of vocational rehabilitation experts and counselors to assist them in working through emotional trauma. At Marks and Lear PLC, our Louisiana attorneys work hard to ensure that the full extent of these medical costs, lost wages and earning capacity — as well as the pain and suffering and emotional distress victims suffer — are compensated by the negligent parties and their insurance companies. Using our in-depth knowledge of personal injury damages law, a network of reliable experts and the compelling testimony of family and doctors, we present a thorough and professional claim.

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