How Our Attorneys Protect You from Insurance Tactics and Bad Faith

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At the Baton Rouge law firm of Marks and Lear PLC, we provide clients who are injured by the negligence or fault of others with strong representation against insurance tactics and bad faith actions on the part of insurance companies. It is important to approach each personal injury case with professional experience, because insurance companies — representing those individuals and companies responsible for the accident and resulting injuries — have their own team of investigators, adjustors, agents and lawyers working on their behalf.

Baton Rouge attorneys challenge insurance companies

As businesses, insurance companies are primarily concerned with maximizing their profits by limiting their payout — to your disadvantage. They are not legally required to inform you of aspects of their policies such as:

  • How much liability insurance is available
  • If the policyholder has additional liability or excess insurance policies
  • The applicability of any uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage, which you may have or which may be included in the policy on the vehicle in which you are a passenger

By not telling you about benefits to which you are rightfully entitled, insurance companies increase the likelihood that you — as an inexperienced and injured accident victim — will settle for less compensation or no compensation at all.

In addition, insurance companies may act in bad faith by wrongfully denying a valid claim or offering to settle for far less than a claim is actually worth. There are many types of bad faith, including:

  • Denial of benefits without good reason
  • Unreasonable delay in paying benefits
  • Failure to properly investigate a claim
  • Undervaluation of a claim

Experience is the key to success against insurance companies

Qualified and experienced Baton Rouge lawyers at the law firm of Marks and Lear PLC work on your behalf to protect against loopholes in the law and insurance bad faith, helping you obtain the full and fair insurance payment you are entitled to receive. Drawing upon more than 50 years of combined legal experience, which includes an in-depth understanding of personal injury damages and insurance laws as well as insight into the true value of a claim, our attorneys help level the playing field against insurance companies. In addition to our own legal knowledge, we obtain the assistance of experts to help prove negligence and fault, as well as the full effect your personal injuries have over your lifetime.

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If you were injured, or lost a loved one, because of the negligence of drivers, property owners, subcontractors or others, you are more than likely dealing with insurance companies to obtain fair compensation. At Marks and Lear PLC in Baton Rouge, our attorneys have the experience, professionalism and dedication to guide you through your claim. For a free initial consultation with an attorney, contact us online or by calling us at 225.250.1980.