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Drilling Rig Accidents in Louisiana

Experienced Baton Rouge lawyers assisting injured seamen

At Marks and Lear PLC, our Baton Rouge attorneys represent workers who are injured in drilling rig accidents in the Gulf of Mexico and near the Louisiana coast. With more than 50 years of combined legal knowledge and practical experience working on drilling rigs and derricks, our attorneys have a distinct advantage over other firms — and a long history of successful results and satisfied clients to prove it.

Maritime and admiralty laws covering oil rig injuries

How an injured worker recovers compensation in a drilling rig injury case depends in part on whether an oil rig or platform is fixed to the ocean floor or an artificial island or if it is a floating drilling vessel. If the work is done on a floating platform towed to location, it is considered a vessel and the maritime employer may be liable for workers’ injuries under the Jones Act. However, if an accident occurs on an offshore fixed drilling platform, injured workers are covered by workers compensation like any other Louisiana worker.

Our Baton Rouge lawyers assist all types of injured seaman in recovering compensation. Maritime injuries — from a stair collapse to an oil rig explosion — may occur on almost any type of vessel, including:

  • Oil rigs
  • Drilling rigs
  • Drilling vessels
  • Offshore vessels
  • Small vessels
  • Inland tugboats
  • Barges

Experience matters in maritime accident cases

Drilling vessel death or injury, drilling rig death or injury and other maritime claims are generally bewildering for laymen who do not have the expertise to determine whether the Jones Act or workers compensation applies. Our maritime attorneys, such as partner Steve M. Marks, have firsthand experience in maritime work in addition to extensive knowledge of maritime law. Our maritime experience includes working as roustabouts and deckhands offshore, as well as rough-necking on drilling rigs, working the derricks and working as a relief driller. We have the education, training and work experience to help accident victims analyze their claims and determine whether a claim falls under Jones Act laws or workers comp and what legal requirements apply. Even when an accident appears to occur on a drilling rig, we can determine if it is actually a drilling vessel covered by Jones Act protection.

Seek the protection of a knowledgeable accident lawyer in Baton Rouge, LA

As attorneys who have worked in maritime jobs and have an in-depth understanding of maritime laws, we are in the unique position of having the firsthand knowledge to provide thorough and efficient assistance to clients. To discuss your case with an attorney, contact Marks and Lear PLC online or call us at 225.250.1980 today.