What Distracted Driving Habits Must Truckers Avoid?

You know that texting and talking on the phone are the most reported distracted driving habits in which motor vehicle drivers engage. Experienced trucking accident lawyers know that truck drivers have other distracted driving habits that go along with driving the big rigs. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites in-vehicle distractions as “epidemic” in the number of accidents caused by habits that take a driver’s eyes from the road. Due to the sheer size of trucks and the distance required to stop them, drivers must avoid the following distracted habits:

  • Cell phones. Turn them off or put them out of reach to avoid temptation to answer texts and calls.
  • Music and other controls. Program radio stations and mp3 players or have CDs in an easy-to-access spot. Adjust mirrors and the heat or air conditioning before traveling.
  • Navigation. Set up the GPS prior to driving.
  • Eating and drinking. Truckers need to take regular breaks so avoid trying to eat with one hand or at least messy food. Make sure drinks are placed where they won’t fall.
  • Don’t drive drowsy. Again, truckers should take regular breaks and get fresh air, which can help keep you awake on long trips.
  • Avoid “rubber-necking” or “gawking” at accidents. When passing accidents or fire scenes, pay attention to the direction and speed your truck is going.

Truck drivers have a huge responsibility to keep themselves, their cargo and other drivers on the road safe by practicing safe driving habits, and our truck accident attorneys in Baton Rouge can help if you’ve been involved in a truck-related accident. 

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