Do I Have to Comply with an Auto Recall?

You hear of cars being recalled all the time because of safety defects or parts defects, and you may even receive a letter in the mail from the car manufacturer with a coupon for free service if you take your car in to get the defect repaired. Accidents caused by defective auto parts in Louisiana can have serious consequences if the car part is integral to the safe functioning of the vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) monitors automobile safety and requires manufacturers to recall automobiles with defects that could potentially harm consumers. It puts out a set of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, establishing guidelines for manufacturers, and has recalled more than 390 million vehicles ― including cars, trucks and motorcycles ― to correct safety defects. Auto manufacturers typically cover the cost of repairs for vehicles under recall for a specified period of time. Even when a part or vehicle has been recalled, people are still entitled to pursue compensation from a manufacturer if they have been injured.

  • Accidents from defective automobiles and auto parts. Defects in a vehicle’s design or assembly or individual parts can cause a vehicle to malfunction, thereby causing serious injuries. Defects in an engine’s design can cause stalling or loss of control while driving. Defective tires can cause a car to lose control or roll over, and fuel tanks and fuel lines may catch fire if the systems do not function correctly. Accidents caused by faulty or defective automobiles and auto parts can cause serious injuries and death.
  • Liability for faulty or defective parts. The liability for injuries caused by faulty or defective products can fall back on auto manufacturers and dealers. Generally, there are three types of defects. A design defect is a flaw in the vehicle’s plan or design or a part that makes it unfit for its intended use. A manufacturing defect is an error in the production or assembly of the vehicle or part, which prevents it from functioning properly. A marketing defect involves a product advertised for an improper and potentially dangerous use. Manufacturers are liable for injuries and other damages caused by defects that they know or should know about.

At Marks and Lear, we urge all drivers to comply with automobile and car part recalls when they receive a letter or hear of the recall on the news. Recall repairs are usually free and compliance saves lives.

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