Most Common Construction Accident Injuries

If you ever stopped and watched a construction site for a few moments, you can see it’s a very busy place with a lot happening at once. Louisiana construction accident lawyers know that on any site with multiple workers there is a potential for injury. In order to reduce the risk of injury while working construction, workers must be familiar with the problems most likely to occur. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration lists several different types of accidents and prevention techniques workers can employ to keep themselves, other workers and community members safe while active construction is going on:

  • Free falling. The most common cause of injury on construction sites is the fall. Whether from roofs, scaffolding, or ladders, fatal injury can result or injuries serious enough to require months or recuperation. Workers should use tethers whenever possible.
  • Crush injuries. Being squeezed or crushed between a wall and a piece of heavy machinery can cost a person a limb or, worse, his or her life.
  • Unintended target. Workers often throw objects off the side of a building at great heights. Even when the action is planned, objects don’t always fall in a straight line and other workers may walk into the space where the object is headed with serious consequences.
  • Backing up. Walking across the path of moving machinery is something construction workers do all day. They may see the machine, but does the operator see them?
  • Slices and cuts. Sharp objects and saws abound on construction sites and sliced fingers and cuts are common, everyday injuries ― ranging from the minor to serious injury.

Construction accident lawyers in Louisiana know that construction sites are dangerous places and thousands of injuries occur every year that lead to loss of life and limb. Knowing the most common types of injuries can help lead to greater awareness on the part of the worker. The Baton Rouge attorneys at Marks and Lear PLC are committed to helping clients get the compensation they deserve after a construction accident and offer free consultations.