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Tag Archives: compensation

What are Wrongful Death Damages?

A wrongful death is a devastating blow to a family. Along with the emotional devastation comes a financial burden for medical bills and loss of the decedent’s salary. Wrongful death lawyers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana understand nothing will replace the deceased member of the family and that the surviving family members should be compensated for… Read More »

How to Prevent Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents make national headlines and can be devastating to communities.  They can be caused by negligence on the part of the company or incompetence by personnel, and for that, you would need a Baton Rouge industrial accident attorney. When industrial accidents occur, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration investigates whether or not workplace safety guidelines… Read More »

What are Types of Distracted Driving in Addition to Texting?

You know that texting and talking on the phone are distracted driving behaviors banned by many states, but every day, other driving habits can also cause accidents. Baton Rouge car accident lawyers urge drivers to avoid some of the more common habits that run the risk of drivers causing serious accidents. According to the National… Read More »