How Can I Stay Safe While Riding a Bicycle?

Bicycling is wonderful way to get around. The fresh air, sunshine and natural exercise cycling offers makes it a popular mode of transportation. Bicycle accident lawyers in Baton Rouge know that an estimated 73 to 85 million Americans ride bikes for pleasure as well as for professional sports and every rider, no matter why they ride, needs to know what to do to remain safe. The National Safety Council has set down guidelines to help prevent cyclists from serious injury in the event of a collision. Approximately 800 bicyclists are killed and more than 540,000 visit the emergency room every year. Taking the following precautions in traffic and wearing protective equipment are your best way to stay safe:

  • Obey traffic rules. Cyclists must follow the same rules as motorists.
  • Know your bike's capabilities.
  • Ride in single file with traffic, not against it. You may have been taught as a kid to face traffic as you learned how to ride a bike on the road, but as an adult, ride with traffic.
  • Make safe turns and cross intersections with care. Signal turns half a block before the intersection, using the correct hand signals (left arm straight out for left turn; forearm up for right turn).
  • Always be seen. Cyclists should wear bright reflective clothing at all times, and if riding at night, use lights.
  • Make sure the bicycle has reflectors. A red rear reflector; a white front reflector; a red or colorless spoke reflector on the rear wheel; an amber or colorless reflector on the front wheel; and pedal reflectors.
  • Wear a helmet. Head injuries are responsible for two-thirds of all bicycling fatalities.

Bike accident lawyers in Baton Rouge want every cyclist to remain safe on the road by following safety guidelines to help make them more visible on the roads and to protect their bodies from serious injury. The attorneys at Marks and Lear PLC are committed to helping clients get the compensation they deserve after an auto accident and offer free consultations at their Baton Rouge office.