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Auto Accidents

Marks and Lear PLC

Preeminent Car Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge

Assisting clients injured in auto accidents throughout Louisiana

Travel by motor vehicle is an essential part of modern life, but it is also how millions of people experience accidents that cause disability and sometimes death. And the aftermath of a serious or deadly car accident is often overwhelming for victims or surviving family members.

At the law firm of Marks and Lear PLC, our Baton Rouge car accident lawyers simplify complex injury, liability and insurance issues by guiding clients through car accident claims, including insurance negotiations, accident reconstruction as needed, expert testimony on the full extent of damages in court and the presentation of a thorough and professional court argument.

Statistics show you could be injured in a car accident at any time

The likelihood that you or someone you love — as a driver, passenger or pedestrian — may be injured or killed in a car crash is high:

  • Six million car accidents on U.S. roads claim 40,000 lives every year
  • More than three million people are injured in traffic mishaps annually
  • More than two million people are permanently disabled in traffic accidents every 12 months
  • Every 12 minutes, a person dies in a wreck
  • A significant injury from vehicular accidents occurs every 14 seconds

Given these statistics, it is best to be prepared by knowing what to do and who to talk to after an accident.

Driver negligence and auto accidents

Drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles using a standard of care, including following the rules of the road, obeying traffic signals and driving safely for road and weather conditions. All types of driver negligence may result in serious or potentially deadly auto accidents:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Cell phone use or texting while driving
  • DUI
  • Failure to signal
  • Sudden lane changes
  • Illegal turns
  • Failure to yield or stop
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Speeding

In certain cases, such as when a client is hit by a drunk driver, the drunk driver may be held criminally responsible as well as financially liable for resulting injuries and costs.

Other causes of car accidents

Not all auto accidents occur because of driver fault — many accidents result from poor road construction, poor road design or poorly maintained roadways or intersections. Sometimes, a defectively manufactured tire or poorly designed vehicle is at fault, such as the much-publicized SUVs involved in rollover accidents. In these cases, the liable party is the governmental body, parish, county or state responsible for the roadway, or the manufacturer of the tire or vehicle.

Contact an auto accident lawyer in Baton Rouge with the experience to obtain results

There are few other attorneys with the sterling reputation, history of successful results and extensive practical experience of the Baton Rouge auto accident attorneys at Marks and Lear PLC. To learn more about how we can assist victims of a serious or fatal car accident, contact us online today or call us any time at 225.250.1980.